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CUNY Graduate Programs

Graduate Center Programs

The following list contains the names of Graduate Center programs that have been registered with the New York State Education Department (NYSED) and assigned HEGIS code numbers in compliance with state requirements.

Program, Award HEGIS Code

Africana Studies, ADV. CRT. 0305

American Studies, ADV. CRT. 0313

Anthropology, PH.D. M.PHIL. 2202

Art History, PH.D. M.PHIL. 1003

Astrophysics, M.S. 1912

Audiology, AU.D. 1220

Biochemistry, PH.D. M.PHIL. 0414

Biography and Memoir, M.A. 1599

Biology, PH.D. M.PHIL. 0401

Business, PH.D. M.PHIL. 0501

Chemistry, PH.D. M.PHIL. 1905

Classics, PH.D. M.A. M.PHIL. 1504

Cognitive Neuroscience, M.S. 2002

Comparative Literature, PH.D. M.A. M.PHIL. 1503

Computer Science, PH.D. M.PHIL. 0701

Criminal Justice, PH.D. M.PHIL. 2105

Critical Theory, ADV. CRT. 4903

Data Analysis and Visualization, M.S. 4903

Data Science, ADV. CRT. M.S. 0702

Demography, ADV. CRT. 2215

Digital Humanities, M.A. 4903

Earth and Environmental Science, PH.D. M.PHIL. 1917

Economics, PH.D. M.PHIL. 2204

Educational Psychology - General, PH.D. M.PHIL. 0822

Educational Psychology - School, PH.D. M.PHIL. 0822

Engineering: Biomedical Engineering, PH.D. M.PHIL. 0905

Engineering: Chemical Engineering, PH.D. M.PHIL. 0906

Engineering: Civil Engineering, PH.D. M.PHIL. 0908

Engineering: Electrical Engineering, PH.D. M.PHIL. 0909

Engineering: Mechanical Engineering, PH.D. M.PHIL. 0910

English, PH.D. M.PHIL. 1501

Film and Media Cultures, ADV. CRT. 1010

French PH.D. M.PHIL. 1102

Global Early Modern Studies, ADV. CRT. 2299

History, PH.D. M.A. M.PHIL. 2205

International Migration Studies, M.A. 2299

Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, ADV. CRT. 0799

Latin American, Iberian, and Latino Cultures, PH.D. M.PHIL. 1105

Liberal Studies, M.A. 4901

Linguistics. PH.D. M.A. M.PHIL. 1505

Mathematics, PH.D. M.PHIL. 1701

Medieval Studies, ADV. CRT. 2299

Middle Eastern Studies, M.A. 0309

Music, PH.D. M.PHIL. 1005

Music - Composition, D.M.A. 1004.1

Music - Performance, D.M.A. 1004

Nanoscience, M.S. 1901

Nursing, PH.D. 1203

Nursing Science, DNS 1203

Philosophy, PH.D. M.A. M.PHIL. 1509

Philosophy of Art, ADV. CRT. 1509

Physical Therapy, DPT 1212

Physics, PH.D. M.PHIL. 1902

Political Science, PH.D. M.A. M.PHIL. 2207

Psychology: Behavior Analysis, PH.D. M.PHIL. 2002

Psychology: Biopsychology and Behavioral Neuroscience, PH.D. M.PHIL. 2010

Psychology: Clinical, PH.D. M.PHIL. 2003  discontinued effective 10/2023

Psychology: Clinical Forensic, PH.D. M.PHIL. 2099

Psychology: Cognition, Brain, and Behavior, PH.D. M.PHIL. 2002

Psychology: Cognitive Neuroscience, PH.D. M.PHIL. 2002

Psychology: Experimental Forensic, PH.D. M.PHIL. 2002

Psychology: General, PH.D. M.PHIL. 2001

Psychology: Health Psychology and Clinical Sciences, PH.D. 2003

Psychology: Industrial and Organizational, PH.D. M.PHIL. 2008

Psychology: Neuropsychology - Clinical, PH.D. M.PHIL. 2010

Psychology: Neuropsychology - General, PH.D. M.PHIL. 2010

Public Health, DPH 1214

Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences, M.S. 1701

Social Welfare, PH.D. M.PHIL. 2104

Sociology, PH.D. M.PHIL. 2208

Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences, PH.D. M.PHIL. 1220

Theatre and Performance, PH.D. M.PHIL. 1007

Urban Education, PH.D. M.PHIL. 0899

Women’s Gender Studies, M.A. 4903

Women’s Studies, ADV. CRT. 4903

CUNY Master's Program

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