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Sexual Misconduct Complainants’ Bill of Rights

CUNY students who experience campus-related sexual harassment or sexual violence, including sexual assault, stalking, domestic violence, intimate partner violence or dating violence, are entitled to the following rights:

To be provided with confidential on-campus counseling, and to be notified of other avail- able services on- and off-campus.

To obtain, where appropriate, changes with respect to campus academic and living arrangements, no-contact orders, and other interim remedial measures to enable them to continue their education without undue stress or trauma.

To have their complaints handled respectfully by the campus, to be informed about how the campus will protect their privacy and confidentiality, and to have any allegations of retaliation addressed by the campus.

To file a criminal complaint and to seek an Order of Protection, with the assistance of the college, if they so choose.

To make a formal complaint at the campus as the first step in the disciplinary process against the respondent(s).

To have their complaint investigated in a prompt, impartial and thorough manner by individuals who have received appropriate training in conducting investigations and the issues related to sexual harassment and sexual violence.

To report incidents of sexual harassment or sexual violence that they experience while under the influence of alcohol or drugs without receiving discipline for their alcohol or drug use, if they agree to complete appropriate education or treatment as the circumstances warrant.

To have the same opportunity as the respondent(s) to participate in a student disciplinary hearing before a faculty-student disciplinary committee, including the right to be present, to be represented by a person of their choice, including an attorney, to present evidence, call witnesses, cross-examine witnesses, receive notice of the outcome of the hearing, and to appeal from the decision.

Questions about CUNY’s sexual misconduct policy and procedures may be directed to your cam- pus Title IX Coordinator.