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Fraudulent Documents and Omission of Information

The City University of New York Policy on the Submission of Fraudulent Documents and on the Omission of Information in Support of an Application for Admission provides as follows:

The submission of documents in support of applications for admission such as transcripts, diplomas, test scores, references, or the applications themselves, that are forged, fraudulent, altered from the original, materially incomplete, obtained under false pretenses, or otherwise deceptive (collectively referred to as fraudulent documents) is prohibited by The City University of New York (CUNY) and may be punishable by: a bar on applying for admission, suspension, and/or ex- pulsion. The term “applications for admission” includes transfer applications.

Materially incomplete applications include applications that fail to include all prior post– high school college-level courses, regardless of whether (i) the courses were taken at a post- secondary institution in the United States or outside the United States, (ii) the applicant received a degree at the post-secondary institution, (iii) the applicant is seeking credit for such courses, or (iv) the applicant is changing majors/careers.

The full policy and procedures may be found at OGC Advisories – The City University of New York (